Balancing the Scales:

A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Payers on the Value and Viability of New Weight Loss Medications 

To cover or not to cover?

In a world where the prevalence of obesity is escalating, your approach to coverage could mean the difference between controlling costs and facing an unmanageable financial burden.  

Explore the nuances of new weight loss drugs entering the market through our new guide, designed to provide healthcare payers with a comprehensive overview of:   

  • The current trend in obesity rates in the U.S and the accompanying financial challenges
  • The potential promise weight loss medications hold for those struggling with obesity
  • The likely effects these new drugs might have on health benefit costs
  • Proactive strategies and practical approaches for managing the costs  

If you’re an employer, health plan or a patient interested in understanding more about new weight loss drugs, you won’t want to miss these insights.  

Healthcare payers need to be ready with an informed approach to navigate the weight loss drug wave that's upon us. Our guide will help you proactively manage coverage and costs effectively. 

Download the Guide